The Wellness Studio featured in Haute off the Rack fashion blog

“How beautiful is this book room at The Wellness Studio in downtown Covington. I recently had a collaborative/creative meeting with the owners, Mary Kathryn and Katie at their Covington studio and I absolutely fell in love with the unique vintage decor of the place. So naturally I brought Kaela back with me to snap a few photos to show you! I mean who would ever think to make a coffee table out of an old bathtub and on top of that, come up with the idea to make an accent wall by covering half the room with old books. I’ll tell you who…Louisiana’s own Anthony Ryan Auld! For more on The Wellness Studio and what their team offers, check out their site here–>
Who suddenly feels inspired to paint their fire place light blue and put old books to use?! Me! Stay tuned for more photos of the gorgeous Wellness Studio!” – Haute off the Rack’s Jennifer Palpallatoc


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