Child Therapy:

The child therapy room at The Wellness Studio was designed for children and by children. From the bright colors to the unique atmosphere, The Wellness Studio counselors wanted to provide children, adolescents, and teens with a space where they feel comfortable, safe, and most of all–can engage in therapeutic play!

Some of the many benefits the child therapy room has to offer are a sand tray therapy table, a chalkboard, personal lockers for each child, and a two-way mirror. This mirror is available for parents to observe their child during their therapy session, when agreed upon by parent and counselor. Just like the entire building, everything inside the child therapy room was designed to be wheel chair accessible.

The Wellness Studio also offers child, adolescent, and teen workshops; the topics include, but are not limited to: grief, bullying, social media, body image, and relationships.

Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy

Individual, couples, and family counseling offered at The Wellness Studio is dedicated to meeting the needs of the client. Each service varies in topic and subject nature, which is structured around a needs assessment given to clients upon the initial assessment appointment. The Wellness Studio counselors consider all of the issues and alternatives presented by the client, and helps empower them to find their own solutions through exploring the choices and resources available to them. Counselors also aid the client in finding an understanding of themselves and better insight into the issues or situations that he or she is struggling to find.