Just in case this video didn’t sum it up for you…here’s the scoop “about us”, The Wellness Studio.

We are a mental health counseling private practice that offers individual, couples, family, and group counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults. What makes us different than other mental health practices? Our studios’ design aesthetics were carefully researched and curated by various local artists and the founders of the Wellness Studio in order to create the most optimal healing environments. Are you thinking, and so what? Well, you see, research is indicating that mental health stigmas continue to exist across geographical regions worldwide and across cultures contexts and socioeconomic statuses. These stigmas are barriers to people seeking mental health treatment. Our offices incorporate psychological artistic mediums found throughout the studios to promote mental health wellness while also eradicating these stigmas. Check out our photo gallery to get a visual!

Back to some history. The Wellness Studio was founded by Dr. Mary Kathryn Rodrigue and Katie Fetzer, both Licensed mental health professionals with combined 16 years of clinical experience. Dr. Rodrigue and Katie both spent the first part of their careers working in hospital settings, gaining clinical experience and knowledge in the areas of psycho-oncology/grief and crisis/trauma, respectively. Dr. Rodrigue and Fetzer saw first hand the role that medicinal and sterile environments play in a client’s overall comfort level and treatment experience.

With a call to do more, creating a private practice setting was a natural next step. The Wellness Studio was established in 2012, with its first location serving the Baton Rouge community. In 2014, the Covington office was opened, with a pilot New Orleans location to soon follow and serve a larger population in Southeast Louisiana.

But above all of this, The Wellness Studio has grown into a team of educated, credible, passionate and visionary mental health professionals taking action to rebrand mental health. We know first hand the stigmas that still exist around mental health, and we are doing what we can to break through these stigmas by using a contrarian to stigma…ART! Our mission is simple, yet defined in research and evidenced based best practices. We open our doors each and every day with the goal of helping others seek and sustain a positive quality of life with a holistic and healthy mental well-being.