The Wellness Studio’s educational workshops and seminars include researched and evidenced based educational content with a creative twist to make workshops interactive, educational, and relatable. Workshops are conducted by The Wellness Studio’s Professionals and often include expert panelists. Workshop topics vary and can be tailored to the specific needs of your agency/organization through pre-workshop collaborative planning. See our suggested topics for workshops below! For pricing, please e-mail Katie Fetzer or Dr. Rodrigue directly.


Suggested Topics for Workshops:

“Define your Selfie”

Today’s teens are growing up in a world vastly different than their adult caretakers. Attitudes regarding social media can differ a bit, and this can often lead to disagreements about “social media etiquette”. The educational content of this workshop aims to address and combat the negative consequences of irresponsible social media usage while also highlight the flip side (yes social media can be a positive and wonderful thing!) The educational content helps to challenge the inner dialogue a young person might be having with themselves as they scroll through their social media newsfeed. While this workshop is educational in nature, it also aims to promote positive self-image and empower our youth to start defining themselves by things other than their social media posts and related content.


Beyonce said it best. “Who run the world?! GIRLS!” Specifically tailored to meet the needs of girls and women, this workshop aims to educate girls and women on how to develop and maintain a positive sense of self-worth, value their identity, and live authentically. Leave your feminist judgments at the door for this one, you never know, you could walk out feeling like a #GirlBoss!

“Know Thyself”

This is just how it sounds. A meditative, grounding, and relaxing seminar aimed to help you find your inner strength and connect with your identity at a deeper level. Amidst societal chaos, we all have it in us to find inner peace.

“Out of Bounds”

This empowerment workshop is specifically tailored for athletes and aims to empower athletes to manage life both “on and off the field”. We all have times when our life can seem “out of bounds”. This workshop infuses counseling and “coaching” techniques aimed to help you grow into your athlete identity!

Got an idea for a topic? Let us know!